About devise

Founded in 2010, devise is a label committed to empowering women who value individuality, quality - and who love to dress up. Creative, bold and (slightly) unconventional, our range includes jewellery, accessories and clothing.

Every story has a beginning. Ours began over one decade ago, when founder Judith Slane, started designing and curating jewellery, handbags and wallets under the ‘devise’ brand to wholesale to upmarket design stores and accessory shops throughout New Zealand.

Having previously owned ‘Glitz Collections’ and fashion boutique ‘ju-ju’, Judith had a wealth of experience designing, manufacturing and importing high fashion costume jewellery and accessories.

Through these ventures, her products were seen in glossy fashion magazines, worn by television presenters and available throughout the country in major retail stores.

This experience lead to the next chapter of discovery. Leaning into this expertise and inspired by her love of travel, the devise aesthetic became defined by Slane’s signature attention to detail and considered design.

With an eclectic use of materials and innovative making methods we make a conscious decision to make as much of our clothing and jewellery in New Zealand, supporting local industry. 

With the modern woman always at our forefront, our styles appeal to a wide variety of customers with varied lifestyles. Emphasising wearability and comfort, these are stylish classics that give our wearers’ confidence. 

While devise have provided wholesale of fashion, jewellery and accessories across Aotearoa for sometime, we now also present to you a new chapter online. Enjoy your journey into our world, we hope you find something you like.