Face Mask + 1 HELIX.iso™ Filter

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Introducing our new Navy Denim Wash available in size M/L. This is replacing our Denim Wash colour.

New Zealand Made Washable 100% Cotton Mask and 1 HELIX.iso™ Filter 

3 SIZES - M/L   SMALL   CHILD   (M/L size fits most Adults)

Face Mask & 7 x HELIX.iso™ Filters are also available @ $44.90

Face Mask Body only -  no filters now also available @ $26.00

Filters are available to purchase separately in pack of 7 @ $20

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Our devise Mask has two layers of 100% Natural Pre-washed Cotton giving a soft feel to the skin when worn.  The HELIX.iso Filter can be inserted into body of Mask for a safer option and lower breathing resistance.  This makes 3 layers for effective protection.  Each reusable Mask has a built in aluminium nose piece reducing escaping air.

We have partnered with Lanaco an Auckland company to make a mask which can be fitted with their HELIX.iso™ Filter because we feel this is a safer option giving you enhanced protection.  When correctly fitted, the mask with this filter provides excellent protection and comfort to enable prolonged use. 

Lanaco, a deep science technology start-up has spent a decade developing its organic/hybrid Helix™ Filter Media based on the science of DNA genetics from specially selected sheep flocks that have been bred in Wanaka, New Zealand to produce a truly unique and high performing natural protein fibre optimised for filtration.

Designed to capture harmful particulate matter, the Helix™ Filter is the worlds most breathable air filter, harnessing the unique organic properties of New Zealand wool to achieve incredibly good results – so good that it has been selected for protecting astronauts in the next manned mission to the moon and beyond. The science behind the Helix™  Filter Technology builds on the strong properties of the wool fibre which enable it to electrostatically capture particles. The wool used in our Helix™  filters has been selected through a scientific breeding program using bred-for-purpose New Zealand sheep, to optimise the filtration characteristics of the wool. 

It is not recommended that you re-use HELIX.iso™ filters.  They should be replaced after any extensive exposure and we recommend a change at least once a day.

DISCLAIMER:  Our Face Mask is a consumer product not a respirator.  The Face Mask is not an N95 mask or PPE certified.  The filter is tested in house by Lanaco to P2/N95 level but the Face Mask as a whole has not been tested.  Made and correctly fitted the mask seals around the face securely and removes more than 80% of 0.3-micron particles at normal breathing rates.

Shipping $6.00 standard courier delivery throughout New Zealand.  Rural delivery an additional $6.00.

Care Instruction:  Wash the fabric mask daily in a machine or sink with regular laundry soap after removing the filter.  Masks can be dried in a dryer or be allowed to air dry. 

It is possible elastic shown may differ because of high demand at this time. 

Due to hygiene safety, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of this product.  Short supplies of Elastic may mean Elastic type may vary from original shown.